Translated - Ravens & Magpies

Yesterday was the last ever show of our best friends in Translated. Fortunately they didn't leave us without giving us something. Besides an awesome last show, that something is an amazing new EP. Have a listen/download to hear what we'll be missing in the future.

IMG_3222 copy copy.jpg

We're happy to be able to help them out with this last thing they'll be doing. We'd also like to thank the guys in Translated for an awesome time with lots of good memories. Big love! x

Say Cheese! - volume 2

We're proud to announce the release of the second edition of the digital compilation "Say Cheese!", which features solely Dutch punk rock bands.


Holland has enough talent to show that punk is not dead, but instead it is a lively scene and music genre. Because punk a socially involved music genre this edition will be focused around Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands).

This compilation will be released on September 19th and will features 16 Dutch punk rock bands, each contributing one song. Varying from established to upcoming bands, every single one of them hardworking and delivering top quality songs. Making it obvious the Dutch punk scene is alive, varied, and offering a lot of great music to listen to.

All the revenue made with this compilation will go to a good cause. Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), in this case. An organization that campaigns for a better environment. Clean air, less traffic. Solar and wind energy instead of schale gas. Organic instead of factory farming. Together with you fighting for a sustainable, clean and fair world! Please help out when you download the compilation by making a donation.
The compilation is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis via:

1. Harsh Realms - Sink In Time
2. The Windowsill - Said and Done
3. The Minority - Lights Out In Wonderland
4. Coral Springs - Bearing Expenses
5. The 101's - Still Distant
6. Tim Vantol - Dirty Boots
7. Progress - Dear Natasha
8. Dowzer - Friendshipwreck
9. RunningLate - RLS
10. Screw Houston Start Screaming! - At The End Of The Tunnel
11. Jamestown - Go Find Yourself
12. Accelerators feat. Sugus - 12, Calle De Las Tres Cruces|
13. Tes - Your Backyard Airstrip
14. The Road Home - Too Cold To Run
15. The Hearted - Jack Knife
16. Like This - For Four 

Next shows - Sep 21st/22nd

These shows are coming up this Saturday and Sunday. Guess the flyers say enough:



New shows! - Oct 10th / Nov 9th

We're proud to announce two new shows.

First of all there is the North Empire Fest 1.5 coming on November 9th. This 'smaller version' of the previous NE Fest will still have 8 bands playing (last time there were 11) and it will be at the same venue as last year; De Bakkerij in Castricum, NL. We're proud to announce the first part of the line up! The 5 bands confirmed for NE Fest 1.5 are: Broadcaster (US), Muncie Girls (UK), Sweet Empire, Bivouac, and Different Homes. More details will follow, you can also check the 'shows' section.

On October 10th we will have ИO///sé (US) playing at LUA, Beverwijk. Doors are at 8 and it's only 3€ to get in. Other bands playing are the locals of Sweet Empire and Different Homes. Probably we will get one more band on the bill...

For all the shows we're doing check the 'shows' section on this website!

New/next show

Coming Monday, August 5th, we'll be putting on a show/party to say goodbye to Rick's awesome place called The Creche. Unfortunately he has to move out, but not before we crash the damn thing one more time! What better way to do that with Crazy Arm, Sweet Empire, and The Cut/Up playing!



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