New/next show: September 24th

On Monday 24th, next week, somewhere in Heiloo, NL we will be hosting a great show featuring some of our good friends.

Punk rockers The Liberation Service and Soey from Austria alongside the white trash punk rock of Crack David.

Starts at 20:00, bring a donation (we suggest 5eu). Want to come and attend? Send us an e-mail and we’ll tell you where this awesomeness is happening.

New show: January 22nd

Time to rock! 

Kepi Ghoulie Electric (US) and Sons Of Buddha (FR) will rock your worlds at Cafe Lokaal on January 22nd of next year.

New show: October 16th

We’re happy to announce Elway (US) and All Aboard (DE) will be over in October to show us how to party. Tuesday October 16th @ Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk (20:00h, free in).

Next show: August 11th

Jort is celebrating his birthday in Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk this Saturday. Of course there are some great bands playing:


Out now: Say Cheese!

‘Punk is dead’ is a saying often heard. That’s not true, at least in Holland it is not. To prove the Dutch punk scene is vibrant and alive North Empire has released Say Cheese!.

This compilation features 18 Dutch punk rock bands, each contributing one song. Varying from established to upcoming bands, every single one of them hardworking and delivering top quality songs. Making it obvious the Dutch punk scene is alive, varied, and offering a lot of great music to listen to.


The compilation is available as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ download. All the revenue made with this compilation will go to a good cause. Wakker Dier in this case, a Dutch organization fighting for the welfare of animals in the bio industry. Please help out when you download the compilation.
The compilation is available via:

Featured bands: Anvery, Brat Pack, Long Way Down, Translated, Sweet Empire, Note To Amy, De Aanslag, New Pokerface, Face Tomorrow, Sparky’s Revenge, Antillectual, Drunktank, All On Black, Break Character, Midnight Menace, Sidewalk, The Real Danger, and Sparrow Falls.

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