New show: July 14th

Like we have nothing better to do, time for a new show: Andrew Cream (UK) and Shankland (UK) will be playing at De Bakkerij, Castricum on Saturday July 14th 2012. Can we get a ‘hell yeah’!?

New show: March 31st

On Saturday March 31st we will be welcoming back the great and lovely PJ Bond(US) and Mark McCabe (UK). 20:00h @ Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk. You can get in for free, yes!

New show: May 26th

On Saturday May 26th Social Distrust (DE) and Sweet Empire will play Rockcafé Asgard, Beverwijk, NL. Come see this punk rocking lot, starts at 8pm. Of course it’s free to get in.

Flyers april 3rd and 22nd

Some new flyers for some of the upcoming shows. Thanks to Ricky D for making these great ones.



We’ve got a really nice address for this website now. Next time you check this just type in and you’re there. Great stuff.

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