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Sweet Empire - A New Cycle
CD - 11 songs - April 1st 2019 - NER011
Third full length by these Dutch melodic punk rockers.
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LANDLINES - Logical Fallacies
LP - 11 songs - February 26th 2016 - NER010
Debut LP by Southern Holland's gruff punk rockers.
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Say Cheese! compilation vol. 4
Digital release - 15 songs - September 2nd 2015 - NER009
To promote Dutch punk rock. All earnings go to a good cause, Hulphond Nederland.
Featured bands:
Giant Eagles, Junkyard Safari, Different Homes, The Apers, Black Volvo, Lights Out, The Peterlees, The Guttersnipes, The Law Won, No Progress, SuperHero Status, The Heart Monitors, The Overslept, Shoot The Messenger, The Lost Boys Club.


Different Homes - Out In The Open EP
CD - 5 songs - September 26th 2014 - NER008
Debut EP by this Dutch skate punk/HC outfit.

artwork EP vk1.jpg

Say Cheese! compilation vol. 3
Digital release - 19 songs - June 6th 2014 - NER007
To promote Dutch punk rock. All earnings go to a good cause, Red een Legkip.
Featured bands:
LANDLINES, Shit Hits The Fan, MARCH, Call It Off, Dead Giveaway, Fexet, Liberty Caps, We Are The Knight, Smash The Statues, Alive Again, The Lowest Standard, The Death Traps, Hoist The Colours, Volchok, Badlands, The Unchanged Plan, The Duketown Helldogs, JC Thomaz & Missing Slippers, 10 TO GO.


Sweet Empire - 'Cause Vinyl Is For Hipsters
Tape - 9 songs - November 9th 2013 - NER006
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Translated - Ravens & Magpies
CD - 3 songs - October 10th 2013 - NER005

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Say Cheese! compilation vol. 2
Digital release - 16 songs - September 18th 2013 - NER004
To promote Dutch punk rock. All earnings go to a good cause, Milieudefensie.
Featured bands:
Harsh Realms, The Windowsill, The Minority, Coral Springs, The 101's, Tim Vantol, Progress, Dowzer, RunningLate, Screw Houston! Start Screaming!, Jamestown, Accelerators, Tes, The Road Home, The Hearted, Like This.


Say Cheese! compilation vol. 1

Digital release - 18 songs - May 29th 2012 - NER003
To promote Dutch punk rock. All earnings go to a good cause, Wakker Dier.
Featured bands:
Anvery, Brat Pack, Long Way Down, Translated, Sweet Empire, Note To Amy, De Aanslag, New Pokerface, Face Tomorrow, Sparky’s Revenge, Antillectual, Drunktank, All On Black, Break Character, Midnight Menace, Sidewalk, The Real Danger, and Sparrow Falls.


Translated - Don’t Wave Your White Flag EP
CD - 3 songs - September 13th 2011 - NER002


Sweet Empire / Oliver John Ward Split
CD - 5 songs - January 28th 2011 - NER001