Beat the red light (UK)


The first time you’ll hear Beat The Red Light you don’t know what the *&(^ is going on. Is this ska? Is this metal? Yes, it is, all of that! This band has found a way to blend one of the most aggressive styles of music with one of the most happy styles, and they do it well, very well. If you have seen ‘m before you know exactly what I’m talking about. We had a little e-mail chat with Pook. Enjoy the read!

Could you tell me a bit about the history of the band? How did you all come together?

The band came together in 2007. It was formed from the ashes of my old band “The Armistice” Bill (trumpet) Ed (Sax) and I (Vocals and Trombone) decided we wanted to do start something fresh and after more changes than Guns N Roses recording Chinese democracy we settled with a killer 8 piece line up, Tim (drums) G (bass) Jona (guitar) Alex (guitar) Rob (Trumpet).

We recorded our self titled e.p with Ian Wetherall who’s done Capdown, Goober Patrol and Lightyear to name a few. We then did a toured it but sadly shortly after wards our guitarist Alex left but got replaced by the killer Mike Beef. This led to another tour, which got us signed to TNS records as we did 2 gigs in front of Andy and Bev. We re-released our self titled e.p on TNS after selling the original copy of it out and went on tour again. Shortly after we then wrote and recorded our new album “Salt The Lands” which has just been released!

What would you like to achieve with BTRL?

To be honest I’m already happy with what we have achieved so anything else is a bonus! To have people saying how much they enjoy listening to the C. Ds gives me such a buzz! To watch people pitting,dancing and shouting along to the lyrics is an absolute buzz. I still cant get over how much of an awesome response we are getting! Were getting 5 out of 5 c.d review from some of our favorite magazines, the whole things nuts!

Playing metal and ska isn’t the most heard combination, how did you get to this combination?

I wanted to combine my favorite (and most energetic) styles of music which are Metal and Ska, Metals great to really throw yourself around too, its adrenaline fueled and packs some of the most dramatic and aggressive moods in music. Ska is on a complete different spectrum. Its fun, rhythmic and easy to dance to, happy (if you wish to play it that way?) and when executed goes down a storm!

I wanted to play in a band where there are no rules! you can play any genre you like! I love grind, I love beat downs but I also love ska, so why the hell not!!

A new album is coming up “Salt The Lands”, what can we expect?

Death Metal, Grind, Thrash, Ska, Reggae and pig squeals all mashed up in a can! Think Cannibal Corpse meets Voodoo Glow Skulls!

What are the songs about? Is it hard to choose what feeling you want to convey? (As you are mixing a few completely different genres)

Well there’s a bit of everything in there! There is a anti homophobic song called “Gomorrah” and Anti Cocaine song called “Bleeding Nose” then there’s the title track “Salt the Lands” is a tongue in cheek song about church burning, sacrificing virgins and going on a killing spree and a Zombie survival guide called “Solanum” so it does range quite a bit!

This is going to be your first time touring the mainland right? What do you look forward to? Playing to new faces, and seeing what they’re reactions are, sight seeing, I’ve heard its a pretty amazing place to do shows so I cant wait to see how we go down! The thing im most looking forward to though is see my bro who I haven’t seen in a long time! (Jort!)

In Holland ska punk used to be big in the late 90’s/early 00’s, how is that in the UK? Have you seen it changing? How is ‘the scene’ at the moment?

Ha ha ha ha yeah sounds like the UK! Ska was big late 90’s but I guess people just found it too cheesy! Its great though as Metals pretty big over hear so we get to jump on those bills! I love looking at peoples faces when they see the brass section only for them to receive and audio smack in the face!

What do you like to do when you’re not busy with music in any way?

I like to see my girlfriend, watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pick my nose and party hard!!!

How’s the weather in Wycombe?

Rain/Sunshine/Rain/Sunshine/Hot/Cold/Rain/Hot!!! It cant make its bloody mind up!

Anything you’d like to add?

Check out our tunes!

Thank you so much for putting us in your zine!!! Big love to all from the BTRL camp!


Beat The Red Light will be touring Europe in July alongside Stand Out Riot (UK). Be sure to catch them somewhere. We are putting them on at Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk, NL on Tuesday July 5th. For all of you Facebook users out there check out all their dates over here.