Show - Stage Banter Release

On Friday the 8th we'll be hosting what is to be a memorable night in Beverwijk. It'll be one of St. Plaster's last gigs and Stage Banter's release show. To top it off the on-fire Sun-0-Bathers will be there too for your pleasure.
Make sure to rock out to St. Plaster whilst you still can, check out Stage Banter's release on this very label (click!), and do a stage dive at the Sun-0-Bather's set at the beer-friendly Rockcafé Asgard.
Till' November 8th!

NB.: St. Plaster had to cancel, Rocket Fuel will be replacing them!

Friday November 8th 2019: Stage Banter (EP Release show) + Sun-0-Bathers + Rocket Fuel
Rockcafé Asgard, Beverwijk (20:00h, free entry)


Thursday, 31 October 2019, 23:47 North Empire