Say Cheese! Compilation - volume 3

Dutch punk bands raise awareness for music and animals on “Say Cheese! – volume 3”.

The third edition of “Say Cheese” features only Dutch punk bands again. Holland has enough talent to show that punk is not dead, but instead it is a lively scene and music genre. Because punk a socially involved music genre this edition will be focused around Red een Legkip (Safe A Layer Chicken).

This compilation is available as of today and features 19 Dutch punk rock bands, each contributing one song. Varying from established to upcoming bands, every single one of them hardworking and delivering top quality songs. Making it obvious the Dutch punk scene is alive, varied, and offering a lot of great music to listen to.

All the revenue made with this compilation will go to a good cause. Red een Legkep (Safe A Layer Chicken) in this case. This is an organization that saves chickens from being slaughtered. People are adopting the saved chickens so that they can run around freely. Chickens that have never been able to live the life a chicken should live finally get to chance to experience this. Please help out when you download the compilation by making a donation.
The compilation is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis via:



Track list:
1. LANDLINES - Miles Of Engagement
2. Shit Hits The Fan - Disconnected
3. MARCH - Hendrik Lucifer
4. Call It Off - Stuck With You
5. Dead Giveaway - Side Effects
6. Fexet - Reverse Delay
7. Liberty Caps - Boulderheart
8. We Are The Knight - Levitate
9. Smash The Statues - On Ne Matraque Pas l'imagination
10. Alive Again - This Is The Season
11. The Lowest Standard - Curtain Call
12. The Death Traps - Going South
13. Hoist The Colours - Social Needia
14. Volchok - Remember The Day
15. Badlands - Alexandrian Age
16. The Unchanged Plan - No Chance
17. The Duketown Helldogs - Psycho Polak
18. JC Thomaz & The Missing Slippers - Kelly Lynn
19. 10 TO GO - Amsterdam

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 14:50 North Empire