Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting V

Groezrock 2015 is coming up this weekend and so is the Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting! After successful editions during previous years, it's time for edition 5 of the Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting! And by Acoustic, we mean acoustic. No PA, no amps, just a guitar and sing-a-longs.

When: Thursday April 30th 2015 - 22:00h
Where: BBQ area at the campsite

Ducking Punches (UK) - also playing MacBeth Stage
Jawknee Music (DE)
Harry Gump (DE)
Monkey Dress (BE)
Sammy Battle (UK)
Radio 911 (BE)
Complaints (DE)
I Like Allie (IT)
Evening Call (BE)
Ukerazy Man (UK)
Smoking Gun (BE)
Lukas Spielvogel (AT)
Bike Crash (BE)
Greg Legarand (FR)
Corbin Parsons (UK)

Info for acts:
If you want to join the line up: e-mail us
We'll do our best to let everyone play a few songs. We don't want to make a time schedule or rules for this. Let's just get together and have some fun. We'll bring a guitar and that's it, if you'd like to have additional gear you'd have to bring it yourself.

Info for all:
You'd need a campsite ticket to be able to attend. Please note that we do not organise Groezrock. We're just a few guys who like to have a great time by setting this up, watching everybody play, singing along, and hanging out.

This is the end of this hippy note; just come drink and party.
See you there! And don't forget to invite all your friends!

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Saturday, 11 April 2015, 12:02 North Empire